RetinaPro Medicus Limited (“PME”) was initially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on October 10, 2000.  For your convenience, we have included all of the PME Annual Reports, as well as Annual General Meetings for download.  Please review the PME page on the ASX website.

Pro Medicus Annual Reports

pdf Annual Report 2018 – Acrobat pdf 7,000k

pdf Annual Report 2017 – Acrobat pdf 21,000k

pdf Annual Report 2016 – Acrobat pdf 8,000k

pdf Annual Report 2015 – Acrobat pdf 10,800k

pdf Annual Report 2014 – Acrobat pdf 4,000k

pdf Annual Report 2013 – Acrobat pdf 4,530k

pdf Annual Report 2012 – Acrobat pdf 5,080k

pdf Annual Report 2011 – Acrobat pdf 4,100k

pdf Annual Report 2010 – Acrobat pdf 1,290k

Annual Reports: 2001-2009

pdf Annual Report 2009 – Acrobat pdf 10,200k

pdf Annual Report 2008 – Acrobat pdf 3,300k

pdf Annual Report 2007 – Acrobat pdf 2,000k

pdf Annual Report 2006 – Acrobat pdf 5,200k

pdf Annual Report 2005 – Acrobat pdf 1,600k

pdf Annual Report 2004 – Acrobat pdf 1,100k

pdf Annual Report 2003 – Acrobat pdf 1,100k

pdf Annual Report 2002 – Acrobat pdf 5,300k

pdf Annual Report 2001 – Acrobat pdf 4,000k

Pro Medicus Annual General Meetings 

pdf Annual General Meeting November 2014 – Acrobat pdf 3,100k

pdf Annual General Meeting November 2013 – Acrobat pdf 2,400k

pdf Annual General Meeting November 2012 – Acrobat pdf 2,600k

pdf Annual General Meeting November 2011 – Acrobat pdf 4,500k

pdf Annual General Meeting November 2010 – Acrobat pdf 3,300k