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21 November 2013

Key Points:

  • First Visage 7 implementation goes live as part of the vRad partnership announced in May 2013
  • Visage 7 is a key component of vRad’s RG2 (Radiology Group 2.0) solution
  • Visage technology delivers industry leading performance
  • Five-year contract period commences
  • Opens opportunities for further Visage rollout with vRad’s RG2 deployments

Leading e-health company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced that its Visage 7 imaging technology has been successfully implemented as part of RG2SM, vRad’s next- generation radiology operational management solution. RG2 – or Radiology Group 2.0 – optimizes coverage of both onsite and cloud based radiology services using physician productivity tools such as a next-generation radiology reading platform with Visage’s enterprise diagnostic viewer, global worklists and advanced analytics for faster and better decision making.

vRad (Virtual Radiologic), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, is the country’s largest radiology group and telemedicine platform. vRad works in partnership with local radiology groups and hospitals to optimize radiology’s pivotal role in patient care. vRad’s more than 450 radiologists serve over 2,000 radiology groups, hospitals and health systems, reading in excess of 7 million studies annually.

“This is an important milestone for us,” said Dr Sam Hupert, Pro Medicus CEO. “Our technology has proven its capability with a partner operating in a high-volume, high-demand healthcare environment. Not only does it provide vRad radiologists with the most comprehensive set of clinical tools in a single product, but it is also exceptionally fast. Unlike others who have to move ever increasing datasets across the network, we are able to instantly stream the images to radiologists’ desktops regardless of the size of the examination they are reading. Faster delivery means faster diagnoses. That’s a competitive advantage and a critical benefit for the patient communities we serve with our partners.”

“We are extremely pleased with the results of our first go live with Visage,” said Jordan Halter, vRad’s Vice President of Solutions. “RG2 is command central for ground and cloud-based radiology. It’s the future of radiology available today and Visage technology is core to delivering on the promise of ‘read anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Under the terms of the previously announced agreement, the five-year contract period commences with the first clinical go live, paving the way for further Visage installations within vRad’s extensive national U.S.-based network.

“This is a great start for Pro Medicus and we are looking forward to further success as vRad continues to roll out its next-generation RG2 platform,” said Dr Hupert. “We know Visage will provide vRad with a significant strategic advantage in this highly competitive radiology market.”