The complete solution for all of your organisation’s imaging needs, Visage RIS/PACS represents the pinnacle of intelligence, speed and scale, tailored for the needs of today whilst having the inherent flexibility to adapt for the future. Visage RIS, working in tandem with Visage 7, drives your imaging operations with precision, ensuring your organisation is running fast and efficiently. Patients are scheduled with ease, maximising modality utilisation, while providing a powerful communications platform connecting staff and keeping patient care as your foremost priority. Flexible workflow connects radiographers and radiologists ensuring interpretations are completed timely, with attentive productivity, by the most appropriately trained, available radiologists. Images are rapidly available for interpretation, regardless of the location of the reading radiologist, using the most sophisticated tools from a single, ultrafast clinical desktop. And when your radiologists and referrings are on the go, they quickly have access to their imaging results directly from their mobile with Visage Ease.

Referrer Gateway with Report

Providing fast access to images and reports is critically important for the best imaging organisations. But when combined with the most powerful viewer available, in a format that is equally convenient and clinically informative, now that is differentiation that will help increase referrals faster than the competition. With the Visage 7 Referrer Gateway, combined RIS/PACS information is presented to the referring physician, displaying a tailored view of their patients’ images and reports, all branded with your organisation’s logo. The physician does not need to search for their images, because after the secure login, a list of “My Patients” is immediately displayed for review. With a single click, they can easily launch reports and imaging studies, from anywhere they have a network connection.




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