visage_ris_bwScalability was one of the first critical system attributes considered in the design of the Visage RIS architecture.  Visage RIS has been architected to support community-based Imaging organisations, scaling up to the world’s most sophisticated, largest Imaging organisations, performing millions of annual exams, across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations. Support for large-scale organisations, starts from the bottom up through Visage RIS’ use of the latest enterprise-grade technology stack.

Visage RIS includes the following scalable capabilities:

p-ico Underpinning of a high-availability architecture.

p-ico Visage RIS supports scalable segmentation concepts, for example, the ability to manage the Imaging enterprise into distinct ‘regions’ and ‘financial entities’.

p-ico If required, key services can all be architected to run on separate servers (for example, multiple application servers, database, message processing, Medicare processing, etc.).

p-ico Visage RIS’ Security Manager enables large organisations to quarantine a user’s access, for example, restrict a user’s access to a facility. Views can be tailored to only allow access to desired functionality, which reduces user error and enforces security.

p-ico Additional Visage RIS security features include: Role based Access; Audit; Order History; and Regions, Financial Entities and Pools.




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