homepage_slider_alt1.pngFlexibility is fundamental to the design of Visage RIS, enabling the system to reflect the organisation’s needs upon initial implementation, but also provide the necessary platform to ebb and flow as required, as your clinical and business needs require.  Visage RIS uses an open source workflow engine that enables your organisation to customise workflow to your explicit needs for today, and adapt as your needs change over time, without major software disruption. For instance, refined workflow to optimise Outpatient and Custom Workflows (e.g., a worklist for Porters). Users navigate worklists that show tasks for that stage in the overall workflow (e.g., Scheduling, Arrival, Assign, Start/Stop, Image Verification, Reporting, Transcription, Signing, Billing).

Visage RIS includes the following flexible capabilities:

p-ico Visage RIS uses an extensible user interface, with paradigms of ‘Perspectives’, ‘Views’ and ‘Widgets’. Hotkeys are also supported.

p-ico Users have the ability to design their screens exactly as they desire through flexible, widgets. Users tailor their screens by placing one or multiple widgets on the screen, maximising screen real estate, or creating efficient view screens comprised of the most frequently used data and workflows.

p-ico Visage RIS supports the ability to setup relative value (or work) units (RVUs) to ensure practice administrators can assign how many RVUs a radiologist is targeted to perform in a day. A graph then displays progress (e.g. over 50% achieved).

p-ico Visage can also setup work-rate monitoring, with similar metrics also employed for typists.




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