homepage_slider_alt2Visage RIS knows that speed is of critical importance to all of the actors in Imaging workflow, from the Front-Desk, to Radiographers and to Radiologists  – without question, the system must be fast.  Visage RIS uses rapid search indexing, leveraging Web-like technology. Even with the largest databases, Visage RIS responds nearly immediately, again and again. Visage RIS is responsive even over limited bandwidth networks, accessible from both PC and Mac clients. And if there is a network outage, as soon as the network returns, the client can pick up where it left off because Visage RIS uses stateless RIS clients.

Visage RIS includes the following fast capabilities:

p-ico Standards-based (e.g., XML), rich Internet application.

p-ico Server-side processing powered, for fast queries independent of the client, and number of overall clients in the enterprise.

p-ico Web-like search, filtering the database nearly immediately based on every letter the user types into the search criteria, as they type (Ex. Pete Smith: Region-based weighting, refined by Year and Suburb). Letter by letter search reduces the impact of typographical error. Search is supported for patients, procedures and everything else in the database. Rapid filters for Techs, Typists and Current Facility are examples of filters default in the system. Traditional Advanced Search is also available.

p-ico Responsive even under constrained networks.

p-ico Stateless RIS client operation, enabling fast reconnects without user intervention.




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