Mobility empowers by extending access to locations not historically accessible by imaging.  Visage Ease enables authorised users (e.g., Radiologists, Referring Physicians, Administrators) to have access to imaging results, for example, at the patient bedside, in the department, in the exam room, at the imaging center, at the physician office, at home, or simply out and about.  Users who have cellular or WiFi network accessibility on their laptops or MacBooks always have access to Visage 7, but the convenience of accessing imaging from iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) breaks down location barriers never before possible in imaging.

For example, Visage Ease supports app-to-app integration with EHR mobile apps, enabling authorized users to launch patient images in Visage Ease from the electronic health record, and then returning back to the mobile EHR app.  The freedom of imaging access enables communication and collaboration between radiologists and referring physicians, tightening the circle of care without the limitation of prior physical boundaries.

Visage Ease Access Differentiation:

p-ico Visage Ease is a native app optimised for iOS, and is a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

p-ico Visage Ease is inherently intuitive, requires no advance training, with only a username, password, and server address required for imaging results access.

p-ico Visage Ease is a native capability of the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform and does not require separate server(s) or administration.

p-ico Visage Ease supports Active Directory for end user authentication.

p-ico Visage Ease enables users to locally cache imaging studies, based on user-definable criteria.  Caching is a convenient capability for locations and geographies where network or cellular access is unavailable or highly variable. Caching may also be restricted with system and/or user level privileges.

p-ico User-defined study search queries enable rapid access to studies users are most interested in viewing.

p-ico Visage Ease supports Visage 7 server partnering, enabling enterprise-wide study visibility across multiple partnered Visage 7 servers.

p-ico Visage Ease leverages protocol handler integration, enabling novel App-to-App integration, for example, to mobile EHR and portal apps.

p-ico Visage Ease supports Apple iOS Push Notifications, alerting users when new studies at the Visage 7 server match study search criteria saved with push notifications activated.


pdf Download Visage 7 Rays Case Study – Acrobat pdf 872k

pdf Download Visage Imaging Speed Thrills – Acrobat pdf 2,970k

*Note: Visage Ease is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis.



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