Visage 7

Welcome to enterprise imaging nirvana. The Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform enables imaging organisations to do things they have always wanted to do, but never could.  Visage 7 offers immediate differentiation for imaging organizations seeking to leapfrog the status quo of commoditized legacy PACS.  Leading imaging practices have recognised that being digital like-everyone-else is no longer competitive, it’s a road to nowhere, and they’re demanding more.

Whether described as an enterprise viewer, a universal viewer (UniViewer), or an archive neutral viewer (ANV®), Visage 7 delivers on the promise of Fast – Powerful – Enterprise Imaging.  Visage 7 offers tremendous patented speed, robust clinical capabilities and scales to the needs of massive organisations.  Developed exclusively by Pro Medicus’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Visage Imaging, on a single code base, Visage 7 enables organisations to consolidate the capabilities of what has historically required multiple viewers, into a single customisable viewing platform.

When legacy viewers and PACS are collapsed and simplified, value is delivered at all points along the imaging chain.  Radiologists deliver differentiated, higher quality, more rapid interpretations freeing up availability for consultation.  Technologists spend more time with patients, improving throughput and one-on-one care.  Referring physicians have faster, more robust imaging results access.  IT leaders can streamline their imaging infrastructure, resulting in significant savings, on a platform designed at the core for availability and growth.  Let Visage 7 show you how.

Visage 7 Platform Differentiation:

p-ico Multi-use case, one viewer:  Diagnostic (e.g., Visage 7 has 510K clearance for diagnostic interpretation), Clinical, Advanced Visualisation, EHR and Portal-image enablement, and Mobile.

p-icoServer-side rendered images, adaptively streamed via an intelligent thin-client.

p-icoDICOM is processed at the Visage 7 server, and never gets sent again for display.

p-icoIdentical thin-client functionality for PC and Mac, app-based, with zero plugins.

p-icoNatively supports mobile access via Visage Ease for iOS devices.

*Note: Visage Ease is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis.


pdf Download Visage 7 Rays Case Study – Acrobat pdf 872k

pdf Download Visage Imaging Speed Thrills – Acrobat pdf 2,970k

pdf Download Visage Imaging eBrief – Acrobat pdf 755k




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