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30 August 2012

Leading e-health company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced the launch – and early commercial sales – of the company’s new technology platform to improve and streamline the operations of medical practices.

Dr Sam Hupert, Pro Medicus Chief Executive Officer, said the product, code-named Coral, was the culmination of more than four years of work and represents a new generation of radiology Information systems product (RIS).

He said the new platform was a unique technology because its integrated workflow and rules- based engines provide unparalleled flexibility for the operation of medical practices.

“Crucially, Coral enables us to configure business-specific workflow and rules to suit clients’ needs,” said Dr Hupert. “Being able to tailor the product to such a high degree without needing to customise a program for each customer is a new concept for the radiology industry and will be significant both for clients and the company.”

Dr Hupert said Coral has been operating successfully for more than a month in a Melbourne based comprehensive radiology facility which also uses Pro Medicus’ Visage PACS system. “There are significant benefits to be gained by combining our new RIS platform with our existing Visage 7 technology that we do not believe are achievable when integrating products from different companies. It is certainly the case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.”

Pro Medicus has already received orders for the new technology with implementations scheduled over the coming months.

“Whilst it is early days, we believe this new technology platform will further redefine the Practice Management/RIS market and underline Pro Medicus’ position as a leading provider of this technology. With Coral and Visage we now have two leading edge products which will drive Pro Medicus’ growth in Australia and in our North American and European markets.”