17 December 2020; Company Announcement – PME Signs MedStar Health 17 Dec 2020 – Acrobat pdf 107k


  • PME signs 5-year, A$18M deal with MedStar Health
  • Visage to replace MedStar’s legacy PACS across their 10 hospitals, representing the largest health system in the Maryland/District of Columbia (DC) region
  • Contract is for the full suite of Visage 7 modules – Visage 7 Viewer, Visage 7 Open Archive and Visage 7 Workflow
  • Visage 7 platform to be fully deployed in the public-cloud
  • Extends PME’s rapidly growing footprint in North America
  • Transaction-based model with potential upside

Leading health imaging company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Visage Imaging, Inc., has signed a 5-year contract with MedStar Health (“MedStar”), the largest health system in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.

The contract, based on a transactional licensing model, will see the company’s complete enterprise imaging solution comprising Visage 7 Viewer, Visage 7 Open Archive and Visage 7 Workflow implemented across all of MedStar’s radiology and subspecialty imaging departments including MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

The implementation is notable in that it will provide MedStar with a fully cloud deployed environment on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), leveraging Visage’s native, cloud-engineered enterprise imaging technology.

Planning for the rollout is to commence in Q2 FY21 with the first sites scheduled to go-live in Q3 FY21.

“MedStar went through an extensive evaluation process including a pilot that not only benchmarked Visage 7 compared to on-premise systems from other vendors, it served to verify the speed of Visage 7 in the public-cloud,” said Dr Sam Hupert, Pro Medicus CEO. “Unlike systems from other vendors, Visage has been developed from the ground up for cloud deployment. Traditionally, our clients have deployed Visage in their own “private-cloud” where all images are sent to a single, central server and streamed on demand from there. This deal signifies a shift in the way U.S. healthcare providers are now starting to think about public-cloud platforms.”

Dr Steven Brick, Physician Executive Director of MedStar Medical Group Radiology said, “We see our PACS replacement as an opportunity to reassess how we deliver clinical and operational efficiencies above and beyond what we are doing today. Visage will be our innovation catalyst to high performance PACS, as well as AI enablement and expansion to other non-radiology imaging workflows.”

Dr Hupert continued, “MedStar is the largest regional health system comprising 10 hospitals across Maryland and the District of Columbia (D.C.). In addition to cloud, MedStar was keen to pursue a single-vendor solution which, with our expanded product portfolio, we are able to deliver across their health network. We see this, and the move to public-cloud as two key initiatives that will broaden our addressable market in North America allowing us to leverage our rapidly growing footprint in this region.”