18 May 2017; pdfCompany Announcement – PME Introduces Visage 7 Open Archive – Acrobat pdf 81k


  • Built on the same ultrafast, highly scalable enterprise imaging platform used in Visage 7.
  • Modular design based on open standards ensures maximum interoperability even in the most complex environments.
  • Already in use in many large scale implementations outside the U.S.
  • Enables Visage to offer choice of deconstructed or single vendor solutions.
  • Well placed to fill the needs of a rapidly changing North American archive market.

Leading health imaging company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Visage Imaging, Inc., has introduced Visage 7 Open Archive in North America. Already in use at many large-scale implementations outside the U.S., Visage 7 Open Archive delivers ultrafast access to images and industry-leading scalability all within a modular, open standards framework.

“With Visage 7, we’ve set the benchmark when it comes to speed, functionality and scalability,“ said Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Co-founder and Global CTO of Visage Imaging. “The archive is an integral part of an enterprise imaging strategy, so it too must have the necessary performance, interoperability and scalability. We have been able to achieve this with Visage 7 Open Archive by utilising the same enterprise imaging platform that has made Visage 7 so successful, whilst at the same time ensuring that it is open standards based.”

Visage 7 Open Archive closely couples the storage of images to Visage 7 to provide performance and interoperability unmatched by others.

“Unlike legacy PACS vendors, we have offered a modular or deconstructed solution that provides our clients with the flexibility to choose the technology components that best suits their needs,” said Dr Sam Hupert, Pro Medicus CEO. “To date, we have replaced more than 40 legacy PACS and have successfully integrated to numerous legacy and third-party vendor neutral archives, and we will continue to do that.”

“But there have been some significant changes in the North American archive market of late. As a result, we are seeing a growing number of clients looking for an archive that can match the performance of Visage 7. We have that in Visage 7 Open Archive,” continued Dr Hupert. “Clients will now have the choice between a best-of-breed, deconstructed offering that combines components from multiple vendors or our open, modular single vendor solution.”