20 March 2017; pdfCompany Announcement – Mercy Completes Visage Implementation – Acrobat pdf 118k


  • Mercy completed its enterprise-wide implementation of Pro Medicus’ Visage 7 technology in less than 6 months
  • Mercy uses Visage 7 for primary diagnosis of medical images across 50 Mercy imaging locations, including 43 community and specialty hospitals
  • Mercy is the fifth largest Catholic health system in the U.S., spanning 4 U.S. states

Leading health imaging company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Visage Imaging, Inc., has completed in record time its enterprise-wide implementation of Visage® 7 technology at Mercy, the fifth largest Catholic health system in America.

Visage’s powerful architecture for Mercy processes an impressive 70,000 current and prior imaging exams daily, equating to over 25 million annual studies. Visage 7 has enabled the decommissioning of 9 separate instances of Mercy’s legacy PACS, consolidating diagnostic, clinical and mobile image viewing with one Visage system. Mercy has implemented Visage 7 in a centralized, high-availability architecture providing zero downtime.

“Mercy needed to quickly install Visage because we were operating 9 separate imaging systems, and those systems were aging,” explained Gil Hoffman, CIO, Mercy Technology Services. “Visage gave us the support we needed to speed things up, shave months off our plan and get a single, strategic imaging platform in place. Now, only 6 months later, our system architecture is simplified, and physicians across Mercy have faster, more reliable access to images.”

“Visage is extremely proud to have completed this very large scale, enterprise implementation in a fraction of the time originally allocated to the project,” said Dr Sam Hupert, CEO of Pro Medicus. “We believe this could well be a first for the industry where traditionally implementations of this scale can take triple the time and often longer. This is on top of the significant infrastructure savings and clinical benefits we have been able to deliver to Mercy all of which helps to further reinforce our value proposition as compared to the more traditional PACS vendors in the market.”