ABC News Business5 October 2015

The Business’s Ticky Fullerton interviewed Dr Sam Hupert, CEO and Founder of Pro Medicus, about “making waves and locking in contracts in the US with its Visage medical imaging technology.”  Some additional key quotes from the interview include the following:

“There’s been a fundamental change in the way this technology is being purchased, and we’re very much in that sweet spot…”

“We can visualize massive data sets… on standard Internet… in 2-to-3 seconds”

“We believe we’re just scratching the surface in that market [the U.S.].”

“A number of forces in the market have pushed the large health institutions to look at alternatives, and those forces are the ability to tie everything into one record — not just radiology — and clearly the size of the data sets the new radiology equipment is creating, and that favors our technology.”

“Their technology [legacy vendors] is not as well suited to the new paradigm as ours.”

Click on the video for the complete interview.

The Business Dr Sam Hupert Video