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At Pro Medicus, our aim is to deliver success for our customers’ practices. We are a leading provider of radiology information systems (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and advanced visualization solutions across the globe, with over 30 years experience helping our clients deliver first-rate patient care by enhancing and streamlining medical practice management. Our expertise is this client visualisation technology and the management of the supporting information. We do this by providing products and services that combine speed, scalability, stability and smarts to help eliminate administrative tasks and workarounds, optimise the efficiency of clinical and administrative staff and maximise profits.

Primary products for RIS include medical accounting, clinical reporting, appointments/scheduling and marketing/ management information applications. Our services cover workflow mapping and optimisation, network design and implementation, hardware sourcing and configuration and staff and management training. Everything we do is about providing seamless, integrated healthcare informatics solutions.

We place strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing responsive, 24/7 service and support. This is reflected in the productive working relationships we’ve established with imaging centres, community hospitals and companies scaling from the smallest facility or department up to the largest hospital or enterprise.

p-icon2  Our Support. Your Success.

We believe successful management and operation of imaging centres and small to medium size hospitals is dependent on providing supportive, stable products and services that allow easy, rapid access to data and smooth system operation and management. This includes multi site or multi department scalability, productivity tools for radiologists and clinicians, workflow tracking, the ability to report real time on key business metrics and enabling efficient, informative communications with referring physicians. Ultimately, it’s about giving our clients what they need to work better, grow more intelligently, be more supported and provide better, more successful patient care.




Visage Imaging
, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus, is a global provider of enterprise imaging solutions that enable PACS replacement with local, regional and national scale.

The Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform is proven, providing a fast, clinically rich, and highly scalable growth platform deliverable entirely from the cloud or on premise. Visage 7 supports the simplicity of a One Viewer™ philosophy, that enables diagnostic, clinical, specialty, research, and mobile imaging workflows from a singular platform. Visage also offers future-proof flexibility with enterprise workflow (Visage 7 Workflow), vendor-neutral archive (Visage 7 Open Archive) and artificial intelligence (Visage AI Accelerator) solutions, all 100% native.